Home Solutions: Winter is coming

The tree leaves are only starting to change color and there’s a crisp coolness in the air, but before you know it, winter will be here and you’ll want to be ready.

Jason Robert from Dupuis Energy joined The Rhode Show Thursday to share tips on how to prepare your  home for the winter.

“It will be here before you know it,” Robert said. “[A] Simple thing to do is be proactive. Start your heating system up. Know that it’s going to work before it gets cold and I would hire a reliable company, and make sure that system is running efficiently and as safely as possible.”

Full-service companies, such as Dupuis Energy, offer more services to fix any potential problems, according to Robert.

“Full-service companies are great,” Robert said. “You don’t have to worry about running out of oil. We’re there at night, 12 o’clock, with a truck with $10,000 of material to fix your problem.”

Robert says homeowners should not wait until snow arrives to check their heating systems and make sure they have a reliable company to call.

Homeowners can also use propane for heating and cooking needs this winter. “Propane is clean burning and works on all levels for your home,” Robert said. “You can dry your clothes with it. You can cook, heat your water with it. It’s clean. It’s efficient. And, it’s safe.”

If you’re having trouble paying a heating bill, do not worry. Dupuis Energy, which has been in business for more than 100 years, offers contracts and budget services. “We can offer you a contract. We can offer price caps and budget payments,” Robert said.

For more information, visit the Dupuis Energy website.

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