Raimondo, Fung trade barbs over RI economy

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — With less than six weeks to go in the race for Rhode Island governor, the intensity is beginning to rise.

Leading candidates Gina Raimondo and Allan Fung went to task over abortion after the former picked up an endorsement from Planned Parenthood, and Raimondo used it as a chance to take down her Republican opponent.

“It’s a little hard to figure out what Mayor Fung believes because he tends to change what he says depending on what audience he is in front of,” she said.

The Democratic candidate also had a thing or two to say about Fung’s economic plan for the state.

“We’ve tried Mayor Fung’s approach. It’s called Governor Carcieri. It led to cuts in a terrible economy, and it’s time for a new approach – investing in growth.”

The Cranston mayor said when it comes to the economy, he’s far from former RI Gov. Carcieri.

“My plan is a realistic plan that is going to spur a better economy in the state of Rhode Island,” he said. “Anyone who says that cuts should not be part of the calculation sounds like a tax-and-spend liberal to me.”

“Cut social services, cut government, and cut taxes and you’ll automatically have job growth is a wrong-headed economic theory,” Raimondo added.

The two will face off for the state’s top job in the state’s general election November 4, along with Moderate Robert Healey and independents Leon Kayarian and Kate Fletcher.

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