Hasbro doctor answers enterovirus questions

(WPRI) – Dr. Penney Dennehy from Hasbro Children’s Hospital appeared on Eyewitness News at 5:30 Wednesday night to further explain the recent outbreak of enterovirus D68.

Dennehy explained that enterovirus is nothing new, but the D68 strain is different because of the respiratory symptoms it causes in some of the people infected with it.

She said it was vital for people with asthma or underlying lung disease to stay on appropriate medication and to make sure they have an asthma treatment plan.

She also said it’s vital to reach out to a doctor if a child is having breathing problems.

Dennehy said EV-D68 is widespread in Rhode Island right now, and for most people it will only present as a cold.

The reason why there aren’t more confirmed cases is because all testing is done at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

To prevent the spread of EV-D68, Dennehy said people should wash their hands frequently and if they have a cough, to cough in their elbow.

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