Owner of squalid home fails to act on demolition order

BLACKSTONE, Mass. (WPRI/AP) — The owner of the squalid home in which the remains of three infants were found has failed to respond to a demolition order by the deadline.

Homeowner Kristina Rivera had until Wednesday to present the town of Blackstone with a plan to raze the home, but failed to do so.

According to Town Council member Patrick Costello, Rivera signed both notices that were delivered directly to her by a Woonsocket police officer that stated demolition must begin by the Wednesday deadline.

The town is now moving forward to demolish the house. Health Board Chairman William Walsh and representatives from demolition companies performed a walkthrough of the property Thursday to determine the cost and strategy of tearing it down.

The town will place a lien on the property to recoup the cost, expected to be at least $12,000.

During a board meeting on September 23, Board of Health Chairman Bill Walsh cited vermin, dog feces, and human feces on the walls and ceilings as reasons the home needed to be demolished. He also revealed that it took 90 hours to clean the home with a bill of over $20,000.

Former resident Erika Murray is being held without bail on charges including fetal death concealment. Rivera’s brother also lived in the home.

The house is expected to be demolished within 45 days.

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