Tricks and trends for the holiday shopping season

While autumn has just begun, the clock is ticking and consumers are anxious to get their hands on what’s trending so they don’t get left behind.

Target 12 Consumer Reporter Susan Hogan joined the Rhode Show on Thursday to talk more about retail myths that catch many customers.

Despite popular belief, if a retailer misprints an advertisement, they are not obligated to honor the false sale price. According to the Attorney General, there is no law in Rhode Island that specifically says that retailers must honor the lower prices, though some store policies dictate that the price be honored in the interest of customer service.

Fall is also a popular time for weddings, and borrowing wedding gowns has become a growing business. Popular company ‘Borrowing Magnolia’ says that they make it easy for brides to borrow a gown at a fraction of the retail cost. In the rental program, brides can peruse dresses for rent online and select up to three to try on at home.

For more on how you can debunk popular retail myths watch the video above.


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