Cable company keeps Cranston couple on hold

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) —  For most people, if the land line goes down in your house, panic doesn’t set in since we have cell phones. But one Cranston couple doesn’t have a mobile phone, and a loss of phone service meant a loss of another vital service – 911.

It started early Saturday morning with a loud snap, then suddenly things started shutting off inside the couple’s home on Main Street. A wire connecting the residence to the pole across the street had snapped, and without any phone service – Pat Creswell had to borrow phone to call Verizon for help.

She said the company was going to expedite her case and get a worker out by the end of the day, but no one showed on Saturday or Sunday.

“We needed the phone. I don’t care about the TV or Internet,” she said.

The phone was vital since her husband Ron is very sick, and not having the ability to call 911 was frightening. Not to mention, the wire was still just hanging there outside their house. Once Monday morning rolled around, the couple decided to Call 12 for Action.

Call 12 for Action contacted Verizon, and a spokesperson confirmed that Creswell did ask for her case to be expedited, but “unfortunately the rep forgot to enter the expedite code into the repair request.” The spokesperson also said that they intend to use the experience to review procedures with their employees.

By late Monday morning, a Verizon truck pulled up in front of the Creswells home, and their service was restored within one hour.

Verizon told Call 12 for Action they pride themselves in responding to customer requests in a timely manner, and they do have emergency crews on standby 24/7. If this type of thing ever happens to you, it’s important to stay on top of your cable provider and make sure your case is being handled as an emergency if it is one.

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