Tips to spend less and live comfortably

Most people live above their means and spend more than they need to. So how do you spend less but still have that comfortable life you want?

Before you can start spending less, you need to make a list of what you spend first. Coffee, lunch, on a whim things, shoes, clothes, random trinkets, bills etc. You should do this for two to three weeks. Each day write down what you spent money on that day. At the end of the week put them into categories, such as food, clothing, bills etc. Put check marks next to what you need and what was a want. The wants are what needs to be eliminated or cut back on.

Next, set priorities. What are the necessities that you absolutely cannot ignore? These are items such as mortgage, rent, utilities or loans. Can you downsize? Are you paying for a car that is too much? Is your apartment larger than you need? Can you cut back on bills, such as downsizing the cable package you have?

Instead of buying a coffee every morning, make one to take with you. Bring a lunch from home. Make a list of meals for the week and buy only what you need. In addition to making a list of what you spend money on, continue to make a list of what you cut back on. Take that extra change or money and put aside each day and week. Place a jar in the kitchen, everyday place extra change in the jar, at the end of the month count how much you saved.

Try not to purchase paper products such as paper plates, paper cups, lunch bags, and use reusable items. These are areas where you can spend less and reuse products over again.

Do it yourself. Projects are fun to do; you can do so many crafts that can be done at home, re-staining a table instead of buying a new one. Many goods are priced high that can be done also at home. Headboards, curtains, throw pillows or even clothes.

Family members can assist in projects too! Holiday’s you can make your own wrapping paper, make Christmas ornaments, and many other things. Just think outside the box.
The finer things in life are within reach.

You just need to reassess priorities and make some few changes to the household budget. You will be surprised how much you can save when you take out what you really do not need. Enjoy life’s little moments, do not rush, buy less, and do so much more.


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