‘Big Brother’ champion discusses big win

DSC_0664From policing the streets of Central Falls to reality television fame, resident Derrick Levasseur made Rhode Island proud when he won this past season of Big Brother.

The Rhode Island native became the final Head of Household during the season finale of Big Brother, which locks contestants inside of a house for 100 days, while not allowing them to have contact with the outside world. Levasseur is the first winner in history to make it to the finale without being nominated for eviction.

The Central Falls police sergeant used a number of strategies during the competition, including not telling his fellow housemates that he was a police officer.

Levasseur is the biggest winner in Big Brother history, taking home $500,000 for winning the game, $50,000 as a bonus for winning from Team America,  $20,000 for completing Team America tasks, and $5,000 from a competition. He also won four Head of Household competitions, which is a tie for the record of most wins in a season.

Derrick Levasseur joined the Rhode Show on Thursday to talk about his experience on Big Brother and how his life has changed since returning to Rhode Island. Watch the video above for Derrick’s interview with Michaela Johnson.


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