Piece of human skull found in West Warwick woods

Crime scene investigators probe the discovery of a human skull in West Warwick. (Photo: Marcos Valentin/WPRI 12)

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Crime scene investigators converged on a wooded area in West Warwick Thursday morning after a piece of human skull was discovered there a few days before.

State police said a local resident walking through the woods behind Crossbow Lane made the initial discovery Sunday, Oct. 5.

They said the skull fragment – which was discolored and appeared to have been out in the elements for an extended time – was turned over to the State Medical Examiner.

Investigators revealed Thursday afternoon that an initial report confirmed the fragment is the top of a human skull. However, police said further analysis was needed to determine the age and other identifying characteristics of the skull.

State police and West Warwick police were on scene looking for additional evidence Thursday. Detectives are also reviewing missing person files over the last several decades.

“The detectives from the two departments are currently researching missing person files over the last several decades, we’ll probably be requesting assistance from any of the other local departments that might be able to help us out and and check through their files as well,” said Maj. Kevin O’Brien of Rhode Island State Police.

State police asked anyone with any information possibly pertaining to the investigation is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at (401) 444-1046.

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