Flames of Hope WaterFire for those affected by breast cancer

PROVIDENCE (WPRI) – Hundreds of people gathered for a special WaterFire in honor of those affected by breast cancer.

Saturday was the 9th Annual Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation Flames of Hope WaterFire lighting in downtown Providence. Cancer survivors and people who lost loved ones to the horrible disease were among those in attendance.

Amie Bury was just eight years old and her older sister was nine when their mother, Anne, lost her three-year long battle to breast cancer. Amie and her father, Richard, attend the WaterFire every year. “It’s actually very uplifting. I find it to be a celebratory thing more than a sad thing.” says Amie. “I’m here, because I want to remember her.” her father adds.

Anne Bury was diagnosed in 1996, while in remission, the cancer spread to different parts of her body. Richard and Amie share the same birthday in April, Anne died the day after in 1999. Amie says “It was the next morning that she passed away and I think she was just holding on for us. She knew it was our birthday and she knew she had to just wait until the next day.”

Richard Bury remembers his late wife, saying “I actually never have forgotten her. A lot of people say that I’m still in love with her, and I am.”

Fifteen years later, Richard still manages to find a silver lining. “I’m really encouraged by events like this and other events around the country that are really raising money so that the research can continue for this terrible disease.”

The Gloria Gemma Foundation has been hosting this breast cancer event for the past nine years.

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