October named Window Covering Safety Month


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Safety officials are urging all parents to perform safety checks around the house for anything that could pose a potential safety hazard to kids – most specifically, window blinds with low-hanging cords.

The push is on for all parents to convert their window coverings to cordless. The results could dramatically reduce the number of children who get caught up in them every year.

From 1996 through 2012, 184 children died from being strangled by a window cord.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has named October Window Covering Safety Month to bring awareness to this preventable tragedy.

The best option for parents is to install only cordless window coverings in homes with young children, and to make sure pull cords are out of reach and adjusted to be as short as possible.

Parents are also advised to keep furniture away from windows and use cord stops to prevent a dangerous cord loop.

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Also in consumer news – more than 207,000 television wall mounts are being recalled by Milestone AV Technologies.

It has been reported that the nut securing the TV to the main arm assembly can loosen, causing the attached TV to become detached from the arm assembly.

The Sanus Simplicity SLF5 flat screen television wall mounts are the models being recalled, since the company has received two reports of televisions detaching and causing one injury.

The company is contacting consumers and offering a free repair kit.

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Click here to read more on the toy toaster recall >>

Also, Toys R Us is recalling close to 40,000 Just Like Home toy toaster sets.

It has been reported that the plastic toast, under pressure, can crack and break into small pieces, therefore creating sharp edges and posing a choking hazard.

Consumers should immediately take this product away from their children and return it to any Toys R Us for a full refund.

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