Rhody Roundup: Worst accents in America

Deanna Cruz from HOT 106, local comedian Andrew Williams, and Julie Tremaine from Providence Media, joined The Rhody Roundup panel on Friday, October 17.

The Rhody Roundup is where we chat about some of the most entertaining stories making headlines this week.

  • Gawker has taken a closer look at local accents. Boston, Scranton, Pittsburgh, and Providence are topping the list of the four worst accents in America.
  • Earlier in the week, Amal Clooney made headlines when she took husband George Clooney’s last name. Would you take his last name if you were a high-power attorney?
  • A family in Australia recently sold their cat along with their house, taking an extra $140,000 just to throw the cat into the deal. Would you sell your pet?


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