Small steps to live even better

We all know the benefits of staying hydrated, but what if your water could work even harder for you?

Adding more hydration to your daily routine is a small step to improving your lifestyle, and although water may be a good option, adding the health benefits of colored fruits like the cranberry can make your hydration option even better.

On behalf of Ocean Spray, nationally recognized author Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, joined The Rhode Show to share her tips to staying hydrated and eating “in color” – taking in a full spectrum of fall flavors and rich nutrients like the cranberry, a tiny super fruit packed with the health benefits of red foods.

Specifically, Frances will review:

The attached video explains:

  • Hydration – Frances discusses the importance of staying hydrated this fall and will highlight an innovation from Ocean Spray – a new cranberry extract water that harnesses the health benefits of the cranberry with the hydration benefits of purified water
  • Eating in Color with Recipe Rehab – Frances also shares tips on filling your plate with seasonal (and colorful) produce like the powerful cranberry , showcasing a few recipes to get viewers started

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