Take your first step to the starting line

Have you ever thought about taking the challenge and running in a half-marathon, or even a 5K? Maybe you’ve never done a road race before, and you’re really not sure how to even start.

That’s why The Rhode Show went to Blackstone Boulevard with an expert, for some tips on how to get us road race ready.

Before you get to the starting line, you need to train, but how?

Patrick Moulton, manager of Rhode Runner says, “The first piece of advice you certainly want the right gear. You want to get a good pair of running shoes that support your foot and give you the appropriate cushioning. Secondly, you want to make sure you find a plan. Most beginner runners there is some great resources out there where you can find a beginner runner program.”

The right shoe can make or break your stride.

“What we do at Rhode Runner is we do a gate analysis. Where we kind of look at your foot and how it strikes the ground to kind of determine that, and every brand fits a little differently. So we look at your foot shape and we try to determine which brand is going to fit your foot and which shoe is going to work the best for you,” he said.

Now with the latest in technology, you can keep track of every step whether it’s walking or running.

Moulton showed The Rhode Show the Garmin GPS Watch, “Garmin was fortunate enough to give us some watches where for you guys just starting your running routine it’s a great resource in terms of finding your distance, your pace, your calories burned. It has that run walk feature and for beginner runners is critical and it’s a great motivator. It’s great to see how far you’re running and how fast you’re going and see how you’re progressing.”

The most important thing is get out and exercise, don’t feel like you can’t do it.

Just start off slow and work your way up and before you know it you’ll be out there doing your first race.

For more information head to Rhode Runner Inc.


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