WPRI volunteers work to beautify Providence park

WPRI volunteers work to beautify Peace & Plenty Park in Providence.

PROVIDENCE (WPRI) – Eyewitness News volunteers worked to beautify a community park and playground.

Elmwood’s Peace and Plenty Park is six years in the making. Saturday morning, members of the Eyewitness News team and WPRI family painted, weeded, and swept what was once a blighted lot. Volunteers have already planted 50 trees, 20 more are expected to be planted in the future.

Doug Victor, of Friends of Peace and Plenty Park says, “We’re taking this area and we’re caring for it in a way that makes meaning for the community… It’s about the park and it’s about volunteerism and celebrating that, but it’s also about the return of a neighborhood.”

Today’s efforts help set up the park for it its next phase of expansion. The Department of Environmental Management has awarded a more than $46,000 matching grant and volunteer hours are part of the equation.


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