‘A Christmas Carol’ celebrates 38 years at Trinity Rep

With Cardi's Furniture

It’s a tradition that has been on stage for 38 years in Providence. The annual play ‘A Christmas Carol’ is getting ready for another season at Trinity Repertory and this year’s version of the Charles Dickens’ classic promises to be fresh, different and full of talent.

As we all know, Ebenezer Scrooge is not a happy character in the beginning of the story, but Ron Cardi joked that maybe a recliner could lift his spirits!

“Well, perhaps if Scrooge did have a Cardi’s recliner, we wouldn’t have such an amazing play to see at Trinity; and the fact that for 37 years now, Trinity Rep has done a different adaptation of this Charles Dickens classic just proves the talent at Trinity Rep is so incredible,” said Ron.

And while three decades have passed where this great show has been taking place, it’s a testament to the great talent that’s on display at Trinity.

“It really is. It’s been such a joy to be working with the company and Fred Sullivan. Company members I’ve been watching for three years and finally getting to work with them. I mean, they bring so much to the table. We’re singing Christmas carols every day! And it’s just been really fun,” said Taibi Magar, director of this year’s installment.

This is Taibi’s first year directing. But Fred Sullivan, who plays Ebenezer Scrooge, has been a part of this tradition for more than 20 years.

“One of the great things about Trinity is that it reinvents it every single year and people said they can’t wait to come back to see which version, or how the ghosts will look as they enter. You know, the script changes, the music changes, but most of all, the production as a whole,” explained Sullivan.

Tickets are on sale now for Trinity Rep’s A Christmas Carol and people are already purchasing them.

“They absolutely are and believe me: if you haven’t gotten yours yet, you need to do so soon because this show always sells out. And don’t forget; if you have friends or family traveling in on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day; the show continues unitl december 31st . So, you can still show them this wonderful play! Trinity Rep is truly a world-class theater. It’s won so many awards, launched so many careers and is truly a gem in Rhode Island. They have many wonderful plays through out the year. we’re proud once again to work with Amica and B101 in sponsoring this year’s performance, and once again, Trinity has partnered with the Rhode Island Community Food Bank to help support the great work during the holidays and throughout the year,” Pete Cardi said.

Taibi Magar, Fred Sullivan, Jr., as well as NiRoPe, Ron and Pete Cardi, joined The Rhode Show Wednesday to talk more about the production.

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