Hospital, Mukpo celebrate Ebola-free results on social media

OMAHA, Nebraska (WPRI) — It was big news to share for Rhode Island native Ashoka Mukpo and Nebraska Medical Center. Health officials have declared Mukpo is free of the Ebola virus.

It was only 15 days ago that Mukpo arrived at the Nebraska Medical facility after testing positive for the virus.

Mukpo is the second Ebola patient treated at the facility in Omaha. The first patient, Dr. Rick Sacra, was also from New England.

Nebraska Medical Center soon took to the social media sites Instagram and Twitter to share the good news and post some pictures of Mukpo.

Mukpo was working as a freelance cameraman for NBC News in Liberia when he contracted the disease. He expressed his gratitude and shared the good news via Twitter Tuesday.

Mukpo is expected to be released from the bio-containment unit Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson just announced it plans to spend up to $200 million on an Ebola vaccine program. The vaccine involves a regimen in which two vaccines are delivered two months apart.

Be sure to tune in to Wednesday at noon. We’ll be live streaming a news conference about Mukpo’s condition and treatment.

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