Savvy tips and insights for the smart traveler

When planning your next vacation, there are countless ways travelers can get immersed in local culture and stretch their budget.

True immersion in local regions is the best way to enrich traveling experiences. Thinking like a local can help you get the most out of your vacation…and thinking like a smart traveler will enable you to do more while staying within your budget.

From traveling slightly off-season to having a flexible travel rewards credit card, travelers can create once in a lifetime memories and not feel like they spent their life savings doing so.

So, with millions of Americans hitting the air, land and sea this winter, how can they smartly plan local activities that create lasting memories and stay within their budget? According to a recent Bank of America survey, nearly 40 percent of Americans with a rewards credit card are unaware of how many points they have.

Travel Channel host, Samantha Brown, joined The Rhode Show from Equinox Resort in Manchester Village, VT to provide tips and raise awareness on how to outsmart the vacation planning process.

Watch the video to see Samantha share must-do tips on booking affordable vacations and unique activities without overspending.

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