Coventry police seek support of $12M bond question

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) — The Coventry Police Department opened its doors to the public on Wednesday night to seek support of a $12 million bond question to build a new police station.

If during next week’s election voters approve question 9, a new police station will be build on Wood Street in Coventry.

Coventry Police Chief Bryan Volpe brought Eyewitness News Reporter Brian Yocono for a tour of the current WWII era police facility. The building includes stairwells that become dangerously narrow when someone is in custody, left over cell blocks from other facilities, and water seeping through the walls. In the basement, surveillance video caught the moment water flooded a room with fingerprinting equitment in a recent storm.

The police department and town are now asking voters to approve a $12 million bond for a new building.

“The amount of work we do and the type of work we do since it’s a 24/7 operation, we really need a strong facility for our people and that’s what we’re asking,” Volpe said.

Volpe told Eyewitness News the complaints he has heard are that there are not any renderings of the new building. He said the department is first waiting to hear from voters on Tuesday before moving forward.


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