Clinical study looking for participants with diabetes

(WPRI) — If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, there is a clinical study that you could be a part of which could potentially aid in the fight against this common disease.

Tristan Medical Research is involved in some of the most cutting edge research that’s going on right now. Including some studies about diabetes and other medical conditions. Our diabetic study is a study in which we use medication which is delivered without using needles or pills for delivery so it’s really great technology,” explained Ryan Welter, MD, PhD.

They’re aligned with the leaders in the field, working with Intarcia Therapeutics to bring innovative new diabetes treatments to life.

“What Intarcia has done is, the drug delivery model that basically gives you the right doses of medication throughout your body constantly so you don’t have to be taking a pill every day and you don’t have to worry about injecting the medication twice a day.”

Think of it as a delivery system, your body will get what it needs to treat the problem.

“We have a new method for delivery, which makes it a lot easier to do. And so the drug has actually been already on the market, it’s been shown to be safe but we wanna try to use this in a different way to get it to more people for less cost and easier delivery.”

Tristan Medical is conducting their research now and are looking for participants.

“We’re looking for diabetics that are over the age of 40 and have some sort of form of cardiovascular disease as well.”

Possible participants can contact their office and if eligible, Dr. Welter and his expert team will help to guide you through the steps.

“We want everybody to do well in the studies that we’re promoting,” Welter said.

Online: Tristan Medical Research


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