Cops to residents: Lock your car doors


MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — Middletown police are urging car owners in town to remove valuables from their cars and lock up after a rash of break-ins in the last few months.

Since August of this year, police say they have received 26 reports for car breaks, but only two of them involved forced entry. In the other cases, the cars were not locked.

Investigators have asked anyone who see suspicious behavior to call Middletown police.

The department said it has increased patrols in the affected areas, which include:

August (12 total)

  • West Main Rd (3 break-ins)
  • Third Beach Rd (2 break-ins)
  • Easton Ter (1 break-in)
  • Lake Erie (1 break-in)
  • Sachuest Point Rd (1 break-in)
  • Shore Dr (1 break-in)
  • Tuckerman Ave (1 break-in)
  • Wave Ave (1 break-in)
  • Wolcott Ave (1 break-in)

September (1 total)

  • Harvey Rd

October (8 total)

  • Wolcott Ave (2 break-ins)
  • Crest St (1 break-in)
  • Easton Way (1 break-in)
  • Lake Erie (1 break-in)
  • Maple Ave (1 break-in)
  • O’Donnell Rd (1 break-in)
  • West Main Rd (1 break-in)

November (4 total)

  • Bristol Rd (1 break-in)
  • Fenner Ave (1 break-in)
  • Rosedale Ct (1 break-in)
  • Sherwood Rd (1 break-in)

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