Farmer: Turkey flock smaller due to warm weather

JOHNSTON, R.I. (WPRI) – With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, a local poultry farm says that their turkeys are on the smaller side this year.

Donald Baffoni of Baffoni Farms in Johnston says that although he has plenty of healthy turkeys, some colder weather earlier in the season could have made them fatter.

Baffoni said that his turkeys are on the smaller side this year because of the warmer weather that we saw in September and October. The mild weather made the turkeys eat less, and they are therefore smaller this year.

“This year’s turkeys are maybe a pound lighter than last year,” he said.

Baffoni said his supply of small turkeys ranges from 12 to 14 pounds, with the larger ones coming closer to 30 pounds. He also mentioned how someone cooking for Thanksgiving dinner should calculate their turkey size.

“Depending if you have a lot of children, you would get a pound per person, if you had all adults you would get a pound and a half per person,” he said.

Despite the smaller sizes, Baffoni said that the turkeys are flying off the farm faster than ever this year. He believes that’s due to people embracing farmers markets and buying local products.

“There’s been a real renaissance of people coming back to buy local and get to know their local farmers.”

Baffoni Farms’ turkeys are temporarily out of stock, but they plan to have some more starting next week.

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