Mother & son trapped in vehicle after crash

REHOBOTH (WPRI) – A mother and son became trapped inside their vehicle after it slammed into a telephone pole, splitting it in half.

Rehoboth Police say the accident happened at around 1:30pm Saturday afternoon on Barney Avenue in Rehoboth. The pole shattered into three pieces on impact. Multiple bystanders were first on the scene before emergency crews arrived.

Nate Sousa found the Jeep on its side and says, “We didn’t know what happened. It looked like an old crash or maybe the scene was already over.” Contrary to what he thought, Cynthia Medeiros of Rehoboth and her 12 year old son were trapped inside. Sousa says, “I went inside and talked to the lady. She was pretty frantic; she was trying to call people on her phone.”

“She just wanted to get a hold of her husband and make sure he knows everything that’s happening.” says Meagan Maltby, who witnessed the aftermath.

Jared Plante was also at the scene of the crash and speaking about the driver, he says, “She was conscious, she was able to talk to us and tell us how she felt. The little boy was just in shock, he wasn’t able to talk… We just took him over to safety and we called the cops and they came over.”

The driver had to be cut out of her seat by the Rehoboth Fire Department. Both victims were sent to the hospital and were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

National Grid crews worked to repair the telephone pole after it split in half. No power was lost as a result of the crash.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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