Man gets two years for killing chihuahua, domestic abuse

A court officer takes Luis Laboy into a Providence courtroom Nov. 17, 2014, prior to his sentencing for killing his girlfriend's dog and committing domestic violence. (WPRI-TV)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A judge sentenced a Providence man to the maximum penalty Monday — to serve two years behind bars, one year on a suspended sentence — for killing a puppy and committing domestic violence.

Luis Laboy, 44, addressed the court prior to sentencing. “I do love dogs. I do love animals, period,” he said.

A jury had found Laboy guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend’s 12-week-old chihuahua back in September 2012. The ex-girlfriend, who had been with Laboy for sixteen years, had come to his apartment to collect her belongings, but found the puppy in the living room, dead and bleeding from its face.

Laboy grabbed her by the arm, pushed her away and smashed her phone. She fled, and Laboy grabbed the dog’s carcass to chase after her. He threw the dead dog at the woman, then picked it up once again and threw it at the car she drove away in to escape.

The prosecution argued that Laboy took out his rage on the dog and deserved the maximum penalty.

But the defense said Laboy did not deserve such a harsh punishment, because he has been a good citizen: “He is an individual with little or no criminal record. He is an individual who demonstrates a strong work ethic.”

“I hearby sentence the defendant to the maximum penalty available by law,” Superior Court Judge Netti Vogel said in issuing her decision.

In addition to serving two years behind bars (and then returning for a third year if he is accused of any other crimes) Judge Vogel ordered Laboy to perform 100 hours of community service, to have no contact with his ex-girlfriend and to donate $1,000 to an animal shelter upon his release.

Laboy was also ordered not to own or reside with a dog for the next fifteen years.

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