Storm causes flash flooding in Southeastern Mass.

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — Flash flooding and New Bedford have always gone hand in hand, and on Monday night it was no different.

Crews spent the day clearing storm drains of leaves and debris in anticipation of the possible flooding, especially in the more problematic areas such as Purchase Street. At first their work kept the roadways clear, but then, in the blink of an eye, the skies opened up and police were blocking off a body of water.

Despite the eventual flooding, Zeb Arruda from the Department of Public Infrastructure said the city has flood preparations down to a science.

“All of the guys know where they’re going to go, where they’re stationed, the barrels to put out, the horses to put out, what streets flood, don’t flood,” he explained.

Storm Ready: Flooding and Flash Flood Safety Tips >>
Storm Ready: Flooding and Flash Flood Safety Tips >>

Despite the rapidly rising level of water, drivers in all types of vehicles could be seen brazenly fording the river. Arruda said in the past he’s seen motorists make some crazy attempts to power through a flooded area, and strongly recommends making a detour regardless of the size of your vehicle.

“We’ve seen cars buried in water, all the way up to the hoods of their vehicles,” he said.

The storm began to move out late Monday night, leaving behind only bursts of strong wind.

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