Attleboro group provides feast to those in need

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Not everyone has the resources to put together a large feast, which prompted one local group to take Thanksgiving to those who need it.

The Attleboro Moose Lodge has been providing a large Thanksgiving meal to residents for about ten years. James Precourt, Administrator at the Attleboro Moose Lodge, said each year they are getting more and more volunteers.

“This year is the biggest turnout of volunteers we have ever had,” he said.

The Attleboro Moose Lodge also delivers to residents in need. Kyle Fitzpatrick and Christine Griffin drove throughout South Attleboro on Thursday, giving out 21 meals to 8 families.

“We like to come out and make other people feel happy that aren’t able to have a nice big dinner, or have the money to afford to make their own dinner,” said Christine.

The group estimates they provided meals to about 500 people this Thanksgiving.

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