Family thankful for ‘miracle baby’ who continues to defy odds

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A baby girl who was not expected to live for more than a few minutes after birth due to a rare brain disorder, is alive and in the arms of her loving family this holiday weekend.

Angela had her first Thanksgiving on Thursday at just over 8 months old and her parents say she continues to defy the odds and they are giving thanks for every day they have together. Little Angela has far surpassed every medical expectation after she received a frightening diagnoses shortly after she was born.

Her parents Sonia and Ronnie Morales are now helping guide other families through the struggles of getting a similar diagnoses.

“Yes, it’s really hard, and the suffering you go through is big,” Sonia said. “It’s big but you can also feel joy and peace despite the pain.”

Sonia calls her baby girl a piece of heaven, and considers every turn of the head or roll to the side a miracle and a milestone.

The Morales family has maintained a positive attitude, and they give thanks for each day they have together.

“We have been so blessed and every single moment you have we are thankful to God,” she said.

A film student in Boston is working on a documentary of Angela’s life, which should be done in time for her first birthday.


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