Great age-appropriate holiday gift ideas for kids

Whether your kids are just learning to walk or already playing on a soccer team, it’s that time of year when parents rack their brains for holiday gift ideas that are both fun and age appropriate.

Local mom blogger, Audrey McClelland, shared her recommendations for great toys for both girls and boys.

Audrey’s recommendations for girls:  

  • Frozen Toys: Gifts from the popular animated movie are great for many young girls.
  • American Girl Dolls: Both the iconic dolls and Bitty Baby come with stories and outfits that sets them apart from big box store dolls.
  • Barbie: The new endless curls Barbie is a spin on the classic doll, while the fashion design kit suits the creative child.

Audrey’s recommendations for boys:

  • Skylander Toys: Skylander trap team is an age appropriate video game great for school-aged boys.
  • Street Hawk: A fun remote control flying car that intrigues boys of all ages.

Audrey’s recommendations for toddlers:

  • Elmo: Sesame Street Let’s Imagine Elmo is a new take on the classic toy for younger children that also encourages them to use their imagination.

For more great ideas from Audrey, visit


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