3 local theaters to show previously canceled movie

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Hundreds of movie-goers across the country lined up to see ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day, after Sony pictures reversed a decision to cancel the release of the film when hackers made terror threats.

On Friday night, Cable Car Cinema & Cafe in the east side of Providence will be showing ‘The Interview’ for the first time and joining more than 300 other small theaters across the country.

Sony canceled its formal release following threats from hackers and many major theater chains’ response to drop the movie from their lineups. Last week, Sony changed their mind and gave the go-ahead to a limited number of theaters across the country, after receiving criticism from the president and many others.

In addition to Cable Car Cinema & Cafe, Route 1 Cinema Pub in North Attleboro, and Cinemaworld and Lincoln will also be showing ‘The Interview’ for about one week.

“No one should sort of be dictating what people can see,” said Cable Car Cinema owner Daniel Kamil. “We wanted, as an independent theater, to support Sony in its decision and to not be bullied into submission.”

Early reviews of ‘The Interview’ have been mixed so far. On movie review site Rotten Tomatoes, critics only gave it a 50 out of 100 rating. The everyday viewer though, has scored it about 15 points higher. Sony has also already released the movie online to either rent or buy.


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