Amish furniture collection at Cardi’s for 2015

NiRoPe, Nick, Ron and Pete Cardi joined The Rhode Show Monday to talk about the road home for children currently in state care, waiting for their forever family. As well as, some gorgeous new items available at Cardi’s Furniture that’s made right here in the United States.

“Simply put, it’s just beautiful furniture and it comes in a variety of styles and finishes. Our staff has been out to the workshops where the make these products, and it starts there by selecting excellent quality materials. From there – it’s the craftsmanship and experience that make this collection ‘heirloom quality’. Come into our showrooms, and let us show you this amazing Amish furniture collection,” Nick Cardi said.

Another collection to see at Cardi’s Furniture in West Warwick is Adoption Rhode Island’s Heart Gallery.

“Through the month of January, the 10th Heart Gallery is at our Route 2 West Warwick Cardi’s Furniture. It’s a gallery of 17 children that are waiting for their forever family. These pictures are amazing works of art, and what people may not be aware of: they’re all professionally taken by local photographers and studios as a donation: both time and resources. When these kids finally do find their forever family, and we’ve been able to witness this ceremony on a number of occasions, the child and the new family take that portrait home and hang it on the wall along with all the other family photos. Adoption Rhode Island is a special organization – they’ve earned national recognition and awards, and we’re truly lucky to have such a great group here in our state,” Ron Cardi explained.

Judy McSoley from Adoption Rhode Island also joined The Rhode Show to talk more about this amazing organization.

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