Pro tips: Style resolutions for the New Year

The new year brings a fresh start to many things, including a revamp of your wardrobe!

If updating your style is at the top of your list for 2015, Personal Stylist Jill Marinelli can help you out.

She joined The Rhode Show Tuesday to share some tips on how you can evolve your look this year.

  1.  GET RID OF WHAT’S NOT WORKING. Be honest about what you are actually wearing and get rid of the rest!
  2.  BUY LESS, BUT BETTER. Curate a collection of higher quality pieces you love and that will last.
  3.  BUY NOW, WEAR NOW. Don’t buy clothes that may fit “someday” if you lose weight!
  4.  TRY SOMETHING NEW. Challenge yourself to shop somewhere new and try styles you think you can’t pull off.
  5.  WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  Wear clothing that makes you feel powerful and interesting and like yourself.

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