Authorities investigating if missing Ohio woman is in RI

Investigators say the woman on the left, a Warwick, R.I. identity suspect, is not the woman on the right, Ashley Summers, pictured before she vanished in 2007. (WPRI-TV)

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Could the suspect in a Warwick identity theft case be the same woman reported missing from Ohio seven years ago, when she was a teenager?

Nobody knows. But when the family of then-fourteen-year-old Ashley Summers saw a surveillance photo of the woman in December, they called the FBI, and an investigation was begun.

The woman in the photos, posted on the Rhode Island Most Wanted website by the State Police, is suspected along with a man of stealing wallets and purses from gyms in Warwick, then using stolen identities and checks to withdraw money from area banks.

The FBI is talking to Warwick authorities, working to identify the woman in the photo.

Today, Ashley Summers would be 21 years old. FBI agents in Cleveland released a photo last month showing a tattoo on Summers’ right arm: a red heart with the name “Gene” inside of it.

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