Time to check pipes for risk of freezing

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Providence’s Water Supply Board is alerting residents to watch out for pipes freezing over the next few days and weeks in the frigid, below-freezing weather.

If your plumbing is not insulated enough, and is close to outside walls, there’s the potential for pipes to freeze.

The preventative methods are simple — and may be familiar.

Run a tiny trickle — or drip — of water from an interior faucet constantly, to prevent water from standing, freezing and expanding — causing the pipes to crack.

Stay Safe: Winter Weather Resource Guide >>
Stay Safe: Winter Weather Resource Guide >>

Keep cabinet and cupboard doors open to allow the heat inside the building to warm pipes.

Water meters, if they’re open and exposed — especially near windows in basements — could also freeze and leak.

The cost of the trickle of water is worth it, according to Providence Water’s General Manager Ricky Caruolo, compared to the cost of hiring a plumber or contractor to fix your home’s plumbing.

The Providence Water facility owned by the city of Providence serves 12 communities.

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