The Buzz: T-shirt company benefits from Pats/Colts rivalry

(Photo Credit: Gillette Stadium by WPRI. Tom Brady photo from Facebook)

(WPRI) — Patriots fans may have seen a photo posted on Facebook by Tom Brady that’s now making the rounds on social media. The photo shows Brady riding a colt.

Colts fans weren’t too happy about that, so they made their own version and are printing it up on t-shirts.

(Photo Courtesy: Tom Brady Facebook)Earlier in the week, a t-shirt company in Indianapolis was looking to make a fresh design in light of this weekend’s AFC Championship game.

They were searching still until the picture Brady posted went viral.

The design was done Tuesday morning, later that afternoon they made the shirts and at night, they were already sold out.

colts tshirtIt’s a small t-shirt company with just a handful of employees and they’re doing very well right now. They’re working on making hundreds more to keep up with the demand.

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