RI Made: Frog & Toad store features artists’ work

It may share a name with a popular children’s book, but what lies inside has a story all its own.

“We have access to so many different creative talented people here in Rhode Island and we really try to utilize them in running our business,” Asher Schofield, owner of Frog & Toad said.

One of those artists is David Allyn. His creations are detailed and personal. Allyn’s mark is iconic with a touch of flare.

“I think there’s just a lot going on here and I think Providence is kind of at the forefront of culture in a lot of different ways. And it’s also the underdog too, just like ceramics i feel like is such a beautiful thing to be interested in because everyone wants to root for the underdog,” Allyn said.

Schofield said “his imagery celebrates the architecture and the spirit of the city we live in.”

A piece may take up to months to complete, but that’s not slowing down this artist.

Allyn calls his work a labor of love. You can find some of his items at Frog & Toad on Hope Street in Providence.

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