Another day off for students living in larger cities

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Schools are back open in many communities Thursday. But, for kids living in some of the larger cities in the area, they have another day off.

Crews in Cranston, East Providence, Pawtucket, Attleboro, Fall River and New Bedford are working hard to clear the roads and sidewalks so kids can head back to class.

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza made the announcement Wednesday that the capital city would in fact have school Thursday.

“I’m sure I don’t have a lot of fans with elementary, middle and high school students, but it’s alright, school is on.”

Mayor Elorza said the city has done a tremendous job clearing the roads and parking lots, but he’s asking every resident and business owner to do their job to make sure kids to get to school safely.

“Please do everything you can to have those sidewalks cleared to have them plowed so that the kids and pedestrians can use the sidewalks to go to and from school, work, and for all of their other needs,” Mayor Elorza said.

The mayor himself has been out with crews helping to shovel the driveways and sidewalks of city residents.

Meanwhile, the condition of the sidewalks in Pawtucket was one of the deciding factors in canceling school for another day.

“Sidewalks are done all around the schools but as your kids are walking to the schools a lot of the homeowners haven’t been able to get their sidewalks clear. There is an ordinance but we don’t want to be out there citing unless we have to,” explained Mayor Don Grebien.

Mayor Grebian said he wants to give residents time to dig out and also time for road crews to continue to clear out parking lots before the next potential storm hits.

“We could have rushed to get the kids back in and I know the parents would’ve appreciated that but we err on the side of caution and we know that the kids will love us for one more day but reality is it’s the safety factor.”

Pawtucket’s parking ban was lifted at 6 a.m. Thursday, but Mayor Grebian said the city will likely start enforcing residents to clear their sidewalks late Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Below is Kelly Sullivan’s initial report on the school closings:

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