Revis or Sherman: Who’s the better CB?

Glendale, AZ (WPRI) — A shutdown cornerback may often never fill up a stat sheet or even see the ball come in his direction, but it without a doubt changes the entire gameplan for the opponents offense.

Patriots CB Darelle Revis and Seahawks CB Richard Sherman are widely considered the two best cornerbacks in the game of football.

There is no statistic in football that can truly weigh the significance the two players have for their respective teams.

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Revis talked about the very subject itself.

“It’s not really to focus on me or how I play or he plays,” said Revis, “He’s a great player, he makes plays, when I’m targeted sometimes I make plays.. I don’t get targeted that much.”

The two cornerbacks have in the past taken shots at each other on Twitter, but the often outspoken Sherman had other words of sentiment.

“He seems to be a good person and a good man,” said Sherman, “he seems to be a guy similar to me in that he takes his craft seriously and he’s detailed and coordinated in his preparation and you have to appreciate that.”

Tom Brady on the other hand is elated that Revis is his teammate, but spoke highly of Sherman.

“He’s made a lot of big plays in a lot of big games, he plays with a lot of just gotta understand what you are going against,” said Brady.

While Danny Amendola began comparing the two at face value.

“Sherman is a little taller, longer length,” said Amendola, “Revis is very instinctual…Sherman has great ball skills so does Revis.”

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin gave his run down on how to prepare for Revis Island on Sunday.

“It is an island, right? So what would you bring to an island in order to make sure that you are going to be prepared for that island,” Baldwin asked reporters, “you bring suntan lotion, you bring a hat, your bring your shades, right? You bring the tools you need to survive that island.”

When Revis was asked if he could learn anything from Richard Sherman he replied, “No.”

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