RI native volunteering at Super Bowl XLIX

PHOENIX, Arizona (WPRI) — Months ago when the Super Bowl Host Committee asked for volunteers, a Pawtucket native jumped at the change to be part of the action.

Virginia Cheromia-Soardes now lives in Arizona, and when she saw the ad on television she was excited to volunteer.

“I saw the as on TV in the news early in the morning and I couldn’t get my computer cued up fast enough,” she said.

And now Virgina can’t wait to be in the middle of all the excitement. This weekend she will be one of the thousands of people in red, on hand to help the projected one million people who will attend events at Super Bowl Central.

“I can’t attend the game. I’ll be watching from home, but I want to be involved and wanted to have some fun,” she said. “Just to make sure everybody’s having a lot of fun and know where they’re going and where things are.”

Aside from attending the events, Virgina is also hoping to be a positive ambassador for Arizona.

Photos: Super Bowl XLIX Media Day »
Photos: Super Bowl XLIX Media Day »

“It is important to show that other people that don’t necessarily live here that are coming from out of town that it is a good place to be,” she said.

With the Super Bowl just days away, the crowds are beginning to form in downtown Phoenix. The Patriots will take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday.




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