Security measures taken ahead of Super Bowl

GLENDALE, Arizona (WPRI) — As excitement for the Super Bowl continues to mount, so do the security measures.

With the big game just days away, an increased presence of people and law enforcement are appearing in Arizona. Eyewitness News got an inside look at how officials are keeping everyone safe.

Assistant Chief of the Phoenix Police Department, Dave Harvey, said that officials in the security hub are focusing not only on the activities in Phoenix, but all over the region as well.

The room where the entire operation is run out of is secure and took 18 months to put together. The hub combined dozens of agencies, including fire and police, cyber security, incident command and the NFL.

During Eyewitness News’ tour, police were investigating a suspicious vehicle in Phoenix. It turns out that everything was secure, but the incident just goes to show how seriously the people in the command center are taking the entire event.

Photos: Super Bowl XLIX Media Day »
Photos: Super Bowl XLIX Media Day »

“We realize an event this big, the Super Bowl. This week we’re excited and we want it to be a safe event,” Harvey said.

So far the security mantra in Arizona is this — if you see something, say something. That way everyone stays safe and enjoys themselves.

The defending champion Seahawks meet the three-time champion Patriots on Sunday in Glendale.

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