Super drinks for your game day party

As the Patriots and Seahawks prepare to face off this Sunday many fans in New England will be gathering for football viewing parties to cheer on Tom Brady and the team!

The Cocktail Guru Jonathan Pogash joined The Rhode Show to share some big-game cocktails.


8 cranberries
1 oz fresh orange juice
1/2 oz Monin cinnamon syrup
1 oz Ron abuelo rum
Top with Sam Adams cold snap beer
Method: Muddle cranberries in the oj and cinnamon syrup. Then add rum and ice and shake well. Strain into highball glass and top with beer.
Garnish: cranberries


Seattle’s Downfall (mainly their run defense)
1 oz Van Gogh double espresso vodka
1 oz cold brew coffee concentrate (we used trader joes)
1/2 oz Fabbri hazelnut syrup
Method: Shake ingredients well with ice and strain into martini glass.
Garnish: lemon peel


Gisele’s Elixir
2 oz coconut water
2 oz aloe water
1 oz cachaca (Brazilian sugar cane rum)
1 oz ice wine
Top with club soda
Method: Build ingredients into a wine glass with ice.
Garnish: cucumber slice

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