Westport man charged with trafficking cocaine

WESTPORT, Mass. (WPRI) — Police in Westport have arrested a man after recovering a large amount of cocaine, illegal pills and cash at his residence, according to a release on Thursday.

John Oliveira, age 55 of Sodom Road, was arrested after officers searched his home during a parole visit.

After locating a toolbox containing cocaine and cash, parole officers notified Westport police, who then executed a search warrant at the home.

Detectives seized $11,300 in cash, more than 46 grams of cocaine, and a large amount of pills. They also located three cell phones and several marijuana cigarettes.

According to police, the cocaine was packaged in small bags and appeared to be ready for sale.

Oliveira was charged with trafficking cocaine in excess of 36 grams, trafficking oxycodone, trafficking morphine, and possession of several substances. He was also charged with possession with the intent to distribute marijuana.

Trafficking cocaine in excess of 36 grams but less than 100 is a prison term felony, with a minimum of three and a half to twenty years.

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