Attleboro considers taking school vacation days due to snow

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — With two storms in one week, winter is already moving school into summer break for some school districts.

The city of Attleboro is actually considering taking away vacation days to prevent the school year from reaching into the middle of summer.

At a meeting held Tuesday night, Attleboro school committee chairman David Murphy said school cancellations are nothing new in New England.

“For that reason we do build in five days in June that we more or less tell staff and parents to be here,” Murphy explained.

Originally, the last day of school was June 18. But, since schools were closed five days last week, now students will be dismissed on June 25.

Attleboro school superintendent Kenneth Sheehan said safety of the children always comes first, as he consults with the mayor’s office, the Department of Public Works and police.

“It’s about what are the conditions of the roads. We have to remember we have a large number of student body members who drive cars to and from school.”

Ronaldo Acosta has two children in the Attleboro school district and agrees with Sheehan. He prefers schools reopen when it’s safe, no matter how long it takes.

“I’m not concerned about whether they go into vacation time because my concern as a parent is safety of my kids,” Acosta said.

Committee members said they are in an interesting dilemma because they’re approaching the point where they may have to decide whether to take days away from February or April vacation.

“Since we’re only in early February it would be in our best interest to at least be mindful of what the potential contingency plans would be,” Sheehan said.

The committee made it clear at Tuesday’s night meeting that no decision would be made immediately and admit that no decision will make everyone happy.

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