Run of snow days lengthening Providence school year

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — After five days off due to massive snow that was difficult to clean up, Providence schools were back in session Wednesday. The good news is that three snow days were already built into the school calendar; but the last day of school will likely still need to be pushed back.

The first day back to school was a messy one at Alan Shawn Feinstein Elementary in Providence. School buses navigated narrow streets, tires spun as parents dropped off students, and with some sidewalks still packed with snow, it was tough for elementary schoolers.

PTO member Dwayne Blevins told Eyewitness News there wasn’t sufficient snow removal for students to get in and out of school effectively. He said it could have easily been taken care of on Tuesday when it was dry. “It’s very disappointing. It’s not something the school did, it’s whoever was contracted by the city to take care of this.”

Feinstein has close quarters, Blevins said: “We are an inner-city school… We’re sandwiched between Eddy Street and Broad Street. It’s tight.”

The main entrance to the school was well cleared Wednesday, but sidewalks were still snow-covered.

“It should have been supervised a little better,” Blevins said. “Maybe it could have been done by some of us here at the school. We could have come by and said, look, we need this cleaned, we need this widened up, we need a little more sand thrown down here.”

Summer vacation will be impacted by two days; the last day of school is now pushed to June 25. However, if more snow days happen, the district will consider other options; they may cancel April vacation, add make-up days on Saturdays or make the school days longer in some cases.

But the district says they’ll worry about that when it happens.

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