Sweatshirt clue leads to Fall River bank robbery arrest

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Fall River Police responded to a report of a bank robbery at Bank 5 on Thirteenth Street on Wednesday.

Witnesses described the suspect as a white male, six feet tall, wearing a black ski mask, a gray hooded sweatshirt and black pants. Witnesses also said he was wearing his sweatshirt inside out and the tag was showing.

Shortly after, Officer Derek Amaral observed a person fitting the description in the area of Cherry Street and Linden Street. He apprehended the suspect after noticing that the man matched the description and that he was wearing his sweatshirt inside out.

Upon detaining the individual, Officer Amaral noticed a white bank envelope with money sticking out in the man’s pocket.

After briefly breaking free and consequently being taken down, officers secured the suspect. He was later identified as Maxwell Bethony Jr., 25, of Lafayette Street in New Bedford.

Upon investigation and questioning, it was discovered that Bethony was also responsible for the Jan. 31 robbery at Stop & Save on Rock Street.

Officers said that during the January crime, he showed a knife and demanded money from a clerk who was stocking shelves.

No one was injured in either situation.

Bethony will be charged with unarmed robbery, resisting arrest, and armed and masked robbery.

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