MBTA returns to service after snowstorm

BOSTON, Mass. (WPRI) — Amtrak and MBTA went back to business on Wednesday after having to shut down commuter rails, trolleys and subway lines due to snow.

All services were shut down on Tuesday so that crews could clear snow and ice off the railways.

The agency came under fire recently for their service troubles during the storms, and on Wednesday General Manager Beverly Scott announced she’d be stepping down from her position.

Service was still limited on Wednesday, with fewer cars and less frequent service on some lines. MBTA announced on Wednesday that commuter rail service will be restored to T.F. Green and Wickford Junction on Wednesday evening. Service will resume with the 813 train that is set to depart Providence at 5:23 p.m.

A representative for the MBTA said that as of Wednesday, 70 percent of routes are back on track.

But according to commuters, it’s not exactly smooth sailing.

Kirsten Meisterling rides the commuter rail daily and she said that the storm last week almost doubled her round trip commute — from three hours to five.

“It’s part of taking the train,” she said. “I think a lot of people who normally drive get on the trains and then it just slows it down. Most people stand in the aisle and all seats are full.”

Richard Porter, a Northeastern professor who commutes daily to Boston, says that he has a similar experience every day.

“I have trouble coming back later in the day where the trains are so packed they can’t even take tickets so you get free rides,” he said.

Porter said that he prefers the cramped, free rides over completely shutting down service though. He also thinks that service would be better with more room for riders.

“A few more cars would be really nice,” he said.

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