Valentine’s Day crafts for the little ones

Valentine’s Day is just three days away, so why not get a little creative with the little ones and make some heartfelt crafts.

Mom blogger and digital journalist Courtney Caligiuri joined The Rhode Show with some creative ideas.

Crafts featured in this segment:

Heart Stamps (craft found on

Supplies needed:
Toilet paper tube
Paper or card stock

Optional: Glue and glitter


Flatten the cardboard tube so it had a crease on two sides. Push one crease inward to make a heart, and wrap some tape around the tube to help the heart hold it’s shape.

Dip the tube in paint or glue and start stamping. If you use glue you can pour glitter on it and then shake it off.

Hand print Heart Craft (found on

Supplies needed:
Paper or card stock

Fold the paper in half.

Trace your child’s hand on the paper with their thumb and index finger touching the crease, making a half a heart shape.

Cut out the hand and when you open it, you’ll see two tiny hands joined together making a heart shape!

This would make a great Valentine’s Day card or keepsake of your child’s tiny fingers.

Coffee Filter Heart Art (found on

Supplies needed:
White coffee filter
Construction paper
Spray bottle filled with water


Let your child freely color the coffee filter using markers.

Use the spray bottle filled with water to spritz the coffee filter. Tip: Don’t spray it too much or the colors with dilute.

Allow the coffee filter to dry.

Take the construction paper and make a heart frame by cutting out a large heart and snipping out the middle.

Glue the coffee filter to the back of your heart frame. Tip: You could use two heart frames if you want to display these in your windows so that both sides look the same.

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