Attleboro city councilors introduce sidewalk ordinance

(Photo: Madeleine Wright/WPRI)

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Two city councilors have introduced legislation to create an ordinance that prevents city sidewalks from going unshoveled.

No rules are currently in place that require property owners to shovel their sidewalk.

(Photo: Madeleine Wright/WPRI)
(Photo: Madeleine Wright/WPRI)

Attleboro City Councilman Jeremy Denlea said there used to be an ordinance requiring sidewalks to be cleared downtown.

“For some reason, in 1999, we struck it from the record completely.”

Despite the lack of an ordinance, many property owners, along with the city, are clearing sidewalks.

“Without any rules in place, is everyone just trying to best,” Denlea said.

City councilors say they are researching ordinances from other cities and hop to have one in place by next winter.

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