Bostonians grit teeth through nightmare commutes after snows

BOSTON (AP/WPRI) — Nearly 100 inches of snowfall in just a few weeks has paralyzed the nation’s oldest public transit system, frustrating Boston commuters who are sharing horror stories of long waits and frayed nerves.

Commuter, subway and Amtrak trains in the greater Boston area were delayed or canceled outright again on Tuesday. Highways were jammed with extra cars as workers tried to avoid the transit system’s problems.

In the meantime, as Boston continues digging out, Governor Baker explained that dozens of inmates with the Department of Corrections have been digging out T- stops. Two hundred and fifty Massachusetts DOT workers are clearing snow alongside 300 National Guard members.

And there’s no end in sight to the commuting woes: Transit officials warn the system won’t run normally for at least a month.

Riders are frustrated by the travel situation in and around Boston, one woman saying “when they decide to cancel service all together, I’m not happy.”

In Rhode Island, RIPTA continues to monitor service availability to Wickford and T.F. Green Airport, and whether it will continue to offer an emergency shuttle service for those commuters.

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