Uncle of Hernandez’s fiancee testifies

(AP Photo/Dominick Reuter, Pool)

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — The Uncle of both Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee and Odin Lloyd’s girlfriend testified on Wednesday.

Shayanna and Shaneah Jenkins’ uncle, Azia, was one of many witnesses to testify in front of the jury, and he recalls having a conversation with Hernandez about endorsements shortly after Odin Lloyd’s body was found.

He said Hernandez was “cool, calm, and collected,” but had mentioned that his endorsements were “gone.” He said that Hernandez did not elaborate on the subject.

The police detective who took a video of Aaron Hernandez dismantling his phone was also back on the witness stand Wednesday.

On Tuesday, jurors saw the surveillance video taken by North Attleboro Detective Michael Elliot. It shows Hernandez taking his phone apart, while sitting in the police station parking lot, hours after Odin Lloyd’s body was discovered. Hernandez was also spotted using another phone. Prosecutors said Hernandez was calling co-defendant Ernest Wallace.

Keelia Smyth, a manager at the North Attleboro Enterprise Rent-A-Car also testified on Wednesday.

She said that Hernandez rented a Suburban and an Altima the week before Lloyd was killed. Smyth said that Hernandez returned the Altima on June 17, 2013 — the day Lloyd’s body was discovered.

According to Smyth, the car was damaged and had several scrapes on it. She said that Hernandez claimed he had no idea how the car was damaged.

“He just kept saying ‘I don’t know what happened’ and he kept apologizing to me,” she said during testimony.

She also testified about finding a shell casing, a piece of chewed bubble gum, a vitamin water, and a drawing in the car while cleaning it out.

Alanna Frederick, a forensic scientists for the Massachusetts State Police was also called to the stand on Wednesday. She was questioned about her collection of evidence at the scene. She was also asked to explain the difference between primary and secondary transfers of DNA to those present in the courtroom.

Robert Paradis testified on Wednesday as well, saying that Hernandez had a firearm in April of 2013, but the jury was not present during his testimony. According to Paradis, he met up with Hernandez in Los Angeles and that at the time, Hernandez had a .45 caliber weapon.

Judge Susan Garsh denied the prosecution’s motion to put Paradis on the stand, after the defense said Paradis’ statements were contradictory and prejudicial.

“There’s absolutely no evidence of whether or not any firearm that may have been in California could have been transported back to Massachusetts to be the murder weapon,” Defense Attorney Michael Fee said.

Wednesday’s session was a scheduled half-day, and testimony was cut short again Tuesday because of the snow.

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