MBTA dumps 20 feet of snow in family’s yard

WEYMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — MBTA workers have been continuously digging out and dealing with an assortment of problems since the first big snowstorm hit New England.

The McClelland family from Weymouth claims the MBTA has been dumping snow onto their residential property.

“They used a front end loader and they packed it all in there because apparently my yard is now a snow farm,” explained John McLelland.

John and his family are disgusted and have never had any problems living next to the Weymouth Landing Station, until the mountain of snow appeared.

“We caught them in a front end loader piling it into my yard like an earthmover piling it sky high,” he said. “[I told them] this is my property, stop! And they were none too happy that we told them to stop. I was inconveniencing them, whoops.”

They are concerned that the 20 foot pile of snow could potentially break something, as it rests over the septic system.

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